Friendship, the key to having a happy life. Roll your eyes. I know, I know. In all honesty, I can truly say a mama really does need her friends. Seems simple. You meet people you like and you stay friends? Then throw in marriage, babies, and jobs. That’s the equation for disaster. You collect friends through a certain stage of your life and then you lose touch as you move to a different stage. Don’t get me wrong you don’t hate those friends you just lose touch. The friends that last through it..these are your friends for life.

As we wrap up our Summer I reflect on how grateful I am for my friends for life. Specifically for my best friend Jessi. Who has recently embarked on the parenthood adventure herself. I met her my freshman year of college. We had similar classes and passed the time between classes together. Flash forward 8 years and we’re best friends for life. We’ve been through breakups, graduations, moves, marriages, babies, and so much more. No we’re not perfect and it’s a lie to say we have never fought but the key to our friendship has been making it through. I’m so happy that we have and wouldn’t change our adventures together for anything.

Here are my reasons why having a friend for life through motherhood is the best.    They are so very honest to you.

They don’t have time to lie. They’re just as busy as you are. They respond quickly and honestly. They aren’t with you 24/7 so why would they want to lie. They’ve seen you through the ups and downs. They want what’s best for you and they’ve already learned that being a friend means being honest.

They have mama sense of humor.

You know you have done it. Sent poop texts to your mama friend. It was hilarious to you and it, of course, was hilarious to them. Others won’t get it. It’s the mama humor. Breastfeeding? Yep, only mamas would laugh at those situations. 

They aren’t needy.

They have to change plans just as much as you do. They don’t get upset when you have to bail if a baby is sick or if you need to be home by bedtime. They get it, it’s their life too. 

You can have mama nights.

These are the best. This is a time to relax, vent, and chat about how much you love your babies. What’s better than having a glass of wine and discussing your life. It’s a time to have girl time without the babes around. I love spending time with my husband but I require some girl time. 

You get to watch each other grow up. 

Not only do you get to watch your kids grow up, you get to watch each other grow up. You watch each other turn into wives, mothers, and way more. You get to laugh about all the memories you’ve had and the years that have passed. 

I’m so grateful to have friendships for life and through motherhood.

I really encourage you to think about your friendships and to make friends for life so you can also share these experiences!