If you’re wondering how to fold baby clothes properly, Marie Kondo has an answer for you. Well actually, a KonMary consultant does.

First let’s start with the whole consultant thing. If you’re new to the KonMari method (and thanks to Netflix, many, many of us are), you may not know that there’s a growing army Kondo converts who are genuine certified consultants. Yep, you can take your joy-sparking a step farther than tidying your own home and train to become a consultant.

Now lets get to the folding. YouTuber Along With the Youngs created this super-handy video long before Kondo’s Netflix show began streaming. But given Kondo’s sudden popularity spike, the folding tutorial (made by one of her consultants) is getting a whole new life. And it totally deserves all the attention it’s receiving.

As if folding awkwardly-shaped clothes isn’t tough enough, trying to tidy up those teeny tiny little onesies, footed pajamas, pants and sleepers is infinitely more challenging. This video can help even the most folding-challenged and sleep-deprived mama. While it might look a bit like origami, the KonMari folding method works. And it’s not as tricky as it seems.

If your baby’s clothes look like messy little mounds, check out this video ASAP!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Public Domain Pictures via Pexels



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