Martha Stewart can pretty much make anything better—whether it’s turning a plain piece of paper into fab party decor or whipping up holiday dessert perfection. Now Stewart is tackling the ocean adventure, and if you’re considering a cruise, here’s what you need to know.

The crafting and culinary genius has launched a partnership with MSC Cruises, a luxe cruise line voted one of the best by Travel + Leisure. If you’ve been considering a cruise in the near future, you’ll want to keep reading.

Stewart’s MSC partnership includes a variety of curated activities and excursions, including cooking classes (obviously), hikes, lessons from local fishermen, craft market day trips, horseback riding (in the ocean!) and so much more. For a full list of Martha Stewart & MSC Cruises Excursions, visit MSC’s website here.

Along with her curated excursions, Stewart is also partnering with the cruise line for special “celebration surprises.” Starting in June 2019 you can surprise your fave family member, friend or other loved one onboard one of MSC’s cruises with a personalized letter from Stewart, a special dessert and a recipe card. The $10 to $30 cruise add-on is available for birthdays, honeymoons and anniversaries. For $89 you can also get wine specially selected by Stewart, a free photo taken by MSC’s photographer, a photo frame and a canvas beach tote.

Foodies can also take advantage of Stewart’s celebration dinners with MSC. These three-course holiday meals are available for Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. Happy cruising!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Martha Stewart via Instagram



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