We’re all looking for that next make-your-life-easier tip. So when the Food Network recently posted a video showing a Martha Stewart scrambled eggs hack…well, the internet kind of went wild. And for good reason!

Stewart is the reigning queen of all things crafty. And apparently DIY holiday decor and pretty little baked goods aren’t all the super-celeb powerhouse can do. Nope. It looks like Martha can make a pretty fierce scrambled egg—and not in the typical way.

Scrambled eggs. They’re not exactly on the same level as a sous-vide roast or a delicately herb-crusted halibut. Just crack a few eggs, whip them around, pour them into a pan and heat. Right? Um, not if you’re Martha Stewart. Instead of the stovetop version, Stewart made her eggs in a cappuccino machine. Yes, a cappuccino machine.

If you’re kind of skeptical about Stewart’s ability to create fluffy, fully-cooked eggs with the same steamer you used to heat up coffee-topping milk, there’s no reason to doubt this rad recipe. Stewart’s eggs are everything an egg should be, and more. Seriously. The eggs in Stewart’s video look like light little sunshiney clouds. Yum!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Martha Stewart via Instagram



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