Toys don’t get much more classic than Hot Wheels, but now those iconic, die-cast race cars are getting a digital upgrade with the launch of Hot Wheels id.

Mattel has just unveiled a new line of digitally enhanced race cars, Hot Wheels id. The new cars combine traditional play with digital using wireless technology. Each car in the line is equipped with an NFC tag that stores the vehicles performance data and makes them unique.

In addition to the cars, the new line also features the Hot Wheels Race Portal, which scans the cars into the Hot Wheels id app in order to store data, like a car’s speed and laps taken. The line also includes the Hot Wheels id Smart Track kit with an all new track designed to boost speed and enhance racing and jumping.

The collection features 51 new vehicles in all, which will be released in six mini collections throughout the year. All of the cars and accessories are available exclusively at the Apple Store or on Each Hot Wheels id vehicle is $6.99, the Hot Wheels Race Portal is $39.99 and the Hot Wheels id Smart Track kit is $179.99.

The Hot Wheels id app is available to download for free and offers a variety of digital ways to play, including a virtual garage and digital races.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Mattel/ Tom Horton/ Teri Weber



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