Matthew McConaughey gave out turkeys to a whole town. Really! And you know you’re asking Santa right now if Mr. McConaughey can come to your neck of the woods to bring a big ol’ Christmas roast. But sadly, it seems that the actor is only on turkey patrol. And only in one Kentucky town. If you’re wondering, “Why would a super-star Hollywood celeb deliver turkeys?” check out what the deal is with McConaughey’s delivery day.

Recently, McConaughey partnered with Wild Turkey and Butterball. No, not wild turkeys (as in the turkeys that roam free in your neighborhood woods). He teamed up with Wild Turkey, the bourbon company.

The bourbon and turkey sellers asked the actor to deliver 4,500 turkeys to residents in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Oh, and he actually drove the truck to deliver the free turkeys across town. And not only did McConaughey deliver the birds, but he showed off his Southern charm (and manners) as he politely introduced himself to the residents.

While most of the residents happily hugged the super-star and thanked him for his good deed, one group of women shouted, “It’s a sexy man carrying a turkey” when the actor asked them, “Y’all know what this is?”

Along with the generous donation of the 4,500 turkeys to the residents of Lawrenceburg, Wild Turkey and Butterball also donated 580 turkeys to the local food bank and nursing home and 50,000 Thanksgiving meals (for families in need) through Share our Strength.

What would you do if Matthew McConaughey showed up at your door with a free turkey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.