Homeschooling can be challenging and even comical at times. Max Greenfield is chronicling his adventures in homeschooling his daughter Lilly. Let’s just say, it isn’t going as smoothly as planned. 

“God bless the teachers (the real ones),” Greenfield captioned one of the videos. 

Check out some of these hilarious clips of Greenfield and Lilly.

While Greenfild is trying to recall everything he learned in school, Lilly chastises him, saying maybe if he hadn’t spent so much time “puff puff puff”and “glug glug glug” through his own high school and college years, he’d remember more.

Then, after a long night of binge watching Tiger King, he finds himself needing to explain the show to Lilly

We can’t wait for this week’s installment!

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Max Greenfield via Instagram


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