The summertime lunch bunch that is the gaggle of kiddos you have running through your home while school is out can cost…well, they can cost you more than you’d like to spend—especially at lunch time. We’ve all been there: you’re out and about and the quickest way to satiate those kiddos means a run through the drive-thru. The Golden Arches has you covered, because you can can get pretty much any sandwich for $1 at McDonald’s, thanks to a “hidden” dollar deal.

So how can you save big on McDonald’s sandwiches? All you need to do is download their app. With the current $1 promo coupon, you can get one sandwich per day for this low, low price. Simply show it to the cashier when you place your order. How easy is that?

What can you choose for your $1 order? Big Macs, breakfast sandwiches, McChicken and Fish Fillet sandwiches are all up for grabs here. Sadly, you can’t use the coupon for the Double Quarter Pounder or Signature Crafted Sandwiches. So, if you’re looking for quick bite to tide over a hangry kiddo—or yourself!—this is totally worth it.

And this isn’t the only deal that the McDonald’s app has to offer. Get your McCafe fix and get one drink for one cent when you order either a medium or large. Or, if you’re a frequent McCafe flyer, buy five and get one for free. You can also get one free soft drink on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a $1 purchase, which means you can really double up and save, too.

Just make sure you take advantage of this awesome deal before the end of September, when the deal expires.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: via Pexels


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