Keiko is a writer and editor who’s worked in digital publishing and storytelling since 2010. Previously, she had another life working in student affairs in higher education. Keiko’s writing has been featured on Romper, Disney Baby, Babble, HuffPost and, among others. Born a Jersey girl, she now lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her son, husband and their two ridiculous cats. When she’s not bingeing the news, she can be found playing UNO with her son or buying yet another tube of lip gloss at CVS. Follow her @keikozoll pretty much everywhere online.

What about Spoke most excites you?
I’ve always believed in the power of stories and storytelling. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the wit, wisdom and candor our Spoke Contributors are willing to share on the daily—and I’m excited by every new submission that comes in and every new writer who joins our network. Come check out the Spoke Contributor Network and share your story!

What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received?
Get down to your kids’ level when you can. In a sea of knee caps and behinds, having an adult come down to a kid’s level can make a huge difference in getting them to listen—and to feel heard. I always get down at my son’s level when we need to talk about something important. His listening, engagement and connection are that much better every time I do.

The most surprising thing you’ve learned as a mom:
I never thought I would develop the extra-sensory, cat-like reflexes I have now, such as catching a cup of milk before it hits the floor (without spilling) or grabbing that Sharpie before it touches my couch.

Can’t live without mom product:
Can I say hard cider? Definitely hard cider. And leggings—LOTS of leggings. Oh, and all the coffee ever. All of it. Always.

If you had two free hours totally to yourself, how would you spend it?
Plowing through the “stack” of books in my Kindle.

Favorite guilty mom pleasure:
Belting it out in the car to Taylor Swift, Adele and all those other hip artists the cool kids are listening to these days.

Most daring thing you’ve done with your family:
After missing a connecting flight to Japan, me, my husband, and our then-three-year-old son successfully survived a full 24 hours in Beijing without knowing a word of Chinese beyond “ni hao” and “xie xie” (“hello” and “thank you”). We managed to get a hotel, navigate public transport, explore the Forbidden City and check out some the city’s more off-beaten paths. Our Beijing side trip was totally unexpected and unforgettable.


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