Meghan Markle just did something that might shake some of us to the core. And what is this unbelievable act? Well, she just deleted all of her social media accounts. Yes, all of them. No Facebook. No Instagram. And no Twitter. So why did the future Mrs. Prince Harry jump from social media? Most likely, it has something (or rather, everything) to do with her upcoming nuptials.

With nearly two million IG followers and 800,000 likes on her FB page, it surprised some that Markle closed down all of her accounts. But to those who are in the know, it’s not exactly shocking. Even though the royals, as a whole, are on social media (Kensington Palace has social media accounts), none of the individual family members tweet, Instagram or Facebook above their lives.

This means if you’re missing Markle’s posts, you’ll have to check on the royal Kensington Palace IG or Twitter accounts. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of pics of the soon-to-be royal — including the much-adored engagement photos.

And then there’s the springtime wedding. We can’t say for sure, but we’re fairly certain social media will have a flood of posts that feature Markle and her royal hubby.

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