Meghan Markle celebrated Prince Harry’s 35th birthday with a special Instagram pic collage—and it included a never-before-seen photo of the the new mum, dad and baby Archie.

Even though the couple have chosen to remain fairly private (for Royals) they’ve released a few family photos. That is, a very few family photos. This makes Markle’s IG post a welcome addition.

The bday collage includes nine sentimentally sweet pics, including a shot of a baby Prince Harry with Princess Diana, one as a teen with big brother Prince William, a wedding pic and an intimate family moment at Archie’s July christening.

Markle also added a heart-felt caption, writing, “Your service to the causes you care so deeply for inspires me every day. You are the best husband and most amazing dad to our son. We love you.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Sussex Royal via Instagram 



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