After American actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry earlier this year, the world has been watching to see how a “commoner” would adjust to the spotlight of royal life. And while she may officially be the Duchess of Sussex, it turns out Meghan Markle reportedly still shops at Whole Foods—and girl, we get it.

Recent reports reveal that the Duchess of Sussex has been out and about London—incognito. While reports of her solo outings aren’t confirmed, there have been sightings of the newlywed royal shopping in a Whole Foods Market close to Kensington Palace.

According to PEOPLE, Markle spends most weekends with Prince Harry in the Cotswolds. But she reportedly goes incognito to her local Whole Foods—wearing a baseball cap. Is it the best disguise? Probably not—but it’s endearing all the same.

Even though it might not seem like heading out to Whole Foods is a big deal, for Markle, we could see how this might be. While the rest of us can pop into the car at a moment’s notice and head out to the grocery store to grab a bag of organic apples, it’s not as easy for a royal. Although, you’d think with Amazon Prime Now delivery, she’d get her Whole Foods fix delivered at the palace, but perhaps some traditions are harder to let go of than others?

If the reports are true, Markle does indeed shop at Whole Foods—just like Serena Williams buys her swimsuits at Target and Jennifer Garner gives out free samples at Costco. You know, just like us “normies.”

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kenisngton Palace via Instagram



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