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Your diary growing up was filled with notes, thoughts and scribbles. Record and relive everyday moments—21st century style—with memmee, a brand new iPhone app that let’s you chronicle memories with just the touch of a few buttons. Think of memmee as your digital journal that will let you capture and remember the small (or big) moments in your over scheduled busy life.

How It Works
Simply download the free iPhone app to get started. While you’ll be prompted to insert your username and password, memmee is totally private, which means that any musings, memories or notes you record are for your eyes only. If you feel compelled to share your notes, you can do so and pick the people you’d like to share your memories with. The app is very simple to use—the moment you open it you can begin to record your memories whether you’re in line for carpool or about to ring in the new year with your family.

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What to Write
Like a diary, memmee is a judgement free zone so anything flies. Record a favorite family recipe, your toddler’s funny commentary or your mood at that very moment. Add photos to your memmees and choose just the right color card to showcase your thought. Not feeling so inspired? memmee features different prompts to get you writing. Some examples we found are: “you’re a genie. whose wish are you granting today?”, “you laughed your ass off when…” and “the best thing that happened all morning.”

What You’ll Love
memmee makes recording notes and thoughts on the fly simple. The interface is easy to use and adding photos is a cinch. By jotting down memories in this online journal, you have one convenient place to relive and reminisce about the daily happenings that shape your life as a mom, daughter, sister, son or father.

Find It: itunes.apple.com/us/app/memmee

Have you downloaded memmee? Tell us what you think of the app in the comments section below.

—Erin Lem

photos courtesy of memmee