All you can see for the next three days is no school and (hopefully) no work, which means every hour is an opportunity for fun. Don’t know where to begin? Use our weekend itinerary to help with the planning. Whether you have an entire weekend to fill or just a morning, check out our ideas below broken down by manageable nuggets of time.


You may love breakfast (yum, overnight oats), but your kids may not. If this sounds familiar, hear from one mom of six kids and her advice. She has 5 pragmatic tips to get your kids to eat breakfast every single day.

Your Morning Activity
If you’re looking to practice a little more mindfulness, we think yoga is a great family activity. The great part? You don’t even have to visit a studio to practice your downward dog. We partnered with Cosmic Kids Yoga to offer up a master class just for kids. Namaste!

Switch up your lunch routine with PB&J on a stick or sushi sandwiches made with carrot and hummus. Click here for 15 fresh lunch ideas—we guarantee your kiddo will love at least one (if not all) of them.

Your Afternoon Outing
Hiking doesn’t have to entail a car ride or packing a backpack full of goods. All you need is our guide to hiking your own ‘hood. You’ll see your regular ol’ streets and buildings in a whole new light.

Bonus: Got a reluctant hiker on your hands? We have 10 tips to encourage her to hike and inspire her love of the outdoors.

If you’re planning on a BBQ this weekend, we’re guessing you’ll need to bring a dish that feeds a crowd. Try out this recipe for Southwestern Turkey Chili. Make a pot and then serve it up with cornbread for dinner.

photo: Mike Tidd via flickr 

Tell us how you’ll be filling your time this weekend. Leave a comment for our community below!

— Erin Lem