If you thought the closure of Liane Moriarty’s storyline was over when season one of Big Little Lies ended last year, you’d be wrong; but in the best possible way. That’s because HBO is bringing back the eight-time Emmy and four-time Golden Globe winning show and they’re adding Meryl Streep––because they want to blow our minds.

While the complete plot of Season 2 is still in the works, Meryl will be portraying Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Celeste’s (played by Nicole Kidman) husband, Perry. Since Moriarty’s book was basically wrapped up entirely in season one, HBO has a lot of leeway to bring us some fresh plot lines and it’s rumored they will be toying with the backgrounds of our favorite characters.

The four main leading ladies will be returning for season two, with most getting a sizable salary increase (you go, girls). Even more thrilling is the discussion that Alexander Skarsgard (who played Perry) will also be returning, which is interesting since he died in the season finale. We can only speculate that there will be quite a bit of flashbacks as we hopefully learn more about Perry’s background and just what exactly shaped him into such an awful (although good-looking) human being. More than anything, we can’t wait to see if Meryl adds yet another a nomination to her impressive collection that includes 30 for the Golden Globes, 21 for the Academy Awards and three for the Emmy’s, for the amazing work she’ll no doubt do on Big Little Lies.

Who else can’t wait for Season 2? Tell us how excited you are in the comments below!

––Karly Wood