Celebrities––they’re just like us and that includes making fun of their kids. While Lucas Jagger has been traveling the world, we’ve been laughing at Mick Jagger’s comments on his son’s Instagram posts.

Twitter user @dpatrickrodgers spied the corny exchange just this week and shared what is now a tweet gone viral. It appears that the famed Rolling Stones frontman is just as dorky as the rest of us parents.

The rock star, who is a dad to eight children at the age of 75, is basically the ultimate troll for his 19-year-old son––making comments that every parent would when they see our kids’ attempt at artsy photography. While we’ve only located 4 comments so far (apparently, people LOVE to comment on Lucas’s photos), they all have us laughing and identifying with Mick’s parental dorkiness.


“Cool Pic”

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Lolla briefly

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“Looks like fun. Ha!”

Because it’s Mick Jagger and he knows his way around a festival!

But Lucas isn’t taking it lying down and he’s started to clap back at dear old dad with some comments of his own. Our personal fave?

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Hot in the city!

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“So cute! 💕”


It just goes to show that no matter who you are, celebrity or not, parents and kids are all the same when it comes to social media. We’re just glad that we get to be a part of it!

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Raph_PH via Flickr.


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