It might seem hard to believe, but one middle schooler’s note to a stranger proves kids can make good choices even when the grown-ups around them don’t. In this particularly battle of kids vs. adults, it’s definitely kids 1, adults 0.

An anonymous sixth grader stepped up to the plate when an adult refused to do the right thing. Canisius College student, Andrew Sipowicz, took to Twitter to share the note that was left behind on his dented car. The note, written by a thoughtful middle student, explained exactly what had happened to Sipowicz’s car.

Andrew shared the student’s note, along with a photo of his damaged car and the caption, “Shoutout to the anonymous 6th grader for saving me a couple thousand (Bus not drawn to scale).” The anonymous middle schooler’s note reads:

“If your wondering what happen to your car.

Bus: 449 hit your car. It stops here everyday to drop me off.

At 5:00pm.

What happened? She was trying to pull off and hit the car. She hit and run. She tried to tear over and squeeze threw but couldn’t. She actually squeezed threw. She made a dent and I saw what happened.


-Driver seat left door

-A lady in the bus driver seat 499.

-Buffalo Public School bus

-A 6th grader at Houghten Academy

The the note also included a drawing of the bus. Sipowicz later shared an update that the anonymous student had been found that he was in the process of figuring out a reward for her kind gesture. “I think it set a good example for other students, not just students but people in general,”Sipowicz said. “I would like to thank her so much for doing the right thing.”

The bus driver involved in the incident was also identified and ultimately let go by the district. Meanwhile, the young hero was praised by her school for her actions. The vice principal said the school planned to honor her with a citizenship award while her teacher gave her the best reward possible: no homework.

Kudos to this compassionate kiddo!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: CongerDesign via Pixabay



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