photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

OMG! Mila Kunis is not into Christmas gift giving. It was just a few weeks ago when Kunis, and husband Ashton Kutcher, revealed they aren’t giving their kiddos Christmas gifts. Not wanting their kids to grow up taking gifts for granted, the couple shrugged off the typical, over-the-top “Hollywood” spoiling and decided to go for a no or one-present (from the grandparents) holiday. While most of the internet was all for the idea, some were certainly not. And now Kunis has a response for them.

The Bad Moms star is anything but. Mom to 3-year-old daughter Wyatt and 11-month-old son Dimitri, Kunis clarified her so-called anti-gift stance to Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Shaquille O’Neal. Noting that the story of her gift-giving, or rather lack thereof, was “taken out of control,” Kunis says that she does give her kids gifts.

The actress told O’Neal, “I give them presents. I’m not like anti-gifts. They get so many wonderful gifts from my family, and from my husband’s family, that he and I literally give one present.” Hmm. Maybe we should all take Kunis’ advice here. One present? Not only is that majorly cost-effective, but it teaches kids a totally valuable lesson.

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