photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Every parent wants those special holidays, like Christmas, to be a magical experience for their kids, but sometimes all the effort you put in doesn’t go quite like you were expecting. Star of the upcoming A Bad Moms Christmas, Mila Kunis, recently shared her own Christmas gone wrong moment.

Mila Kunis can relate to the stresses of the holiday season for parents. She told USA Today about the second Christmas she and husband, Ashton Kutcher celebrated with their daughter, “For both of us, the idea of making Christmas morning magical is an odd pressure we put on ourselves,” she explains. “We did it for our two-year-old who did not give a (expletive), let me tell you, whatsoever.”

Their two-year-old was immediately leery of the red-suited stranger breaking into their house. “There’s nothing magical about it. It was like, ‘Why was there Santa in my house?’ So that was a fail,” says Kunis. She even went the extra mile to make it appear as if the jolly elf had tracked in some snow, but it didn’t go over well.

“You put a little flour on boots and you walk around the living room. And it looks like Santa Claus’ footprints with snow on it. She didn’t care, didn’t understand,” says Kunis. “And then I was cleaning up flour, and I was like ‘This blows.’ My kid didn’t even care about the flour footprints. The whole thing is a disaster. Disaster.” The couple learned their lesson and have decided to keep things a little more low-key this year.

What crazy lengths have you gone to in order to make the holidays magical for your kids? Share your stories in the comments below.