photo: Pexels

How much time do modern parents spend with their kids? Apparently more than their predecessors. If you think that back in the day mamas spent more time with their little ones, well…you’d be wrong. Sure, less women worked backed then. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they spent all of those non-working hours hanging with the kids. Take a look at what a recent analysis of the time parents actually spend with their children found out.

In 1965, the average mom spent 54 minutes per day caring for her kids. Compare that to the amount of time that mothers spent with their children in 2012 and it’s nearly half the minutes per day. That’s right. In 2012, women spent an average of 104 minutes a day engaged in child-care tasks.

It’s not just mom’s overall time spent caring for the kids that has changed. Even though men still spend less time than women caring for their children, the overall number of minutes per day spent with the kids has jumped from 16 minutes per day in 1965 to 59 in 2012.

When it comes to who is spending the most time caring for their children, in 2012 moms with a higher degree of education spent half an hour per day more than their less-educated counterparts.

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