Mindy Kaling has done a pretty good job of making us laugh for several years now, but she’s way more than just a rockin’ lady comedian. When she’s not inspiring us with her major girl power messages, she’s giving us all the feels now that she’s a new mom. Just yesterday she shared the newest addition to her family, her Jeremy Scott-designed Cybex stroller that has us all wiping drool off our faces.

Pink angel-adorned fabric, gold rims and wings make this one glam stroller that Mindy happily strode behind with new baby daughter, Katherine on their first walk.

Whether you call it a pram, buggy, carriage, pushchair or stroller, one thing is certain and that’s this baby is born to ride. Even though Kaling is a celebrity, the Cybex model is actually not a custom job. Yes, you too can purchase your own at one of only 19 in-store retailers in the US (they aren’t available online!). While a basic Priam Cybex can cost you around $1200, a Jeremy Scott designed model is going to cost an even prettier penny, coming in around $2000.

Would you pay $2000 for a stroller? What do you think of Mindy’s new ride? Tell us in the comments below!

––Karly Wood