photo: Little Medical School

If you’ve got a kid who grew up with Doc McStuffins and was obsessed with putting Band-Aids on just about anything, she’s going to love these mini medical kits that help (older) kids play doctor with a little more authority than a plastic stethoscope.

Little Medical School, a Missouri-based company hoping to inspire the next generation of health care workers, offers “Mini Medical Kits” that teach kids real-life medical skills while letting them engage in a little pretend play. The kits are designed for older kids — we’d say around age 6 and up — and come with self-guided workbooks that teach kids basic first aid as well as other real tools to help kids perform some simple medical tasks.

These aren’t your toddler’s doctor kits. The “My Little Sports Medicine Kit,” for instance, comes with a surgical driver and teaches kids how to treat a sprained ankle as well as how to perform a mock ligament reconstruction surgery (we told you it was serious stuff!). The kits were developed by medical professionals, and the Little Medical School company knows what it’s doing when it comes to teaching youth: they run year-round medical classes and camps for kids and teens.

photo: Little Medical School

Aspiring MDs can choose from three kits:

My Little Pediatrician Kit – comes with white coat, luxury plush baby doll, pediatric assessment form, tape measure, markers, Baby Box for safe sleeping, birth certificate and diploma along with self-guided workbook.

My Little Sports Medicine Kit – comes with white coat, student doctor badge, ace bandage, skeleton poster and stickers, hand poster, cup, clay, craft sticks, sutures, rubber bands, face mask, gloves, surgical driver, Tommy John surgical sheet, diploma and workbook.

My Little Veterinarian Kit – comes with white coat, student doctor ID badge, plush dog, markers, tape measure, pet assessment form, modeling clay, dog bone cookie cutter, recipe card, tweezers, tick removal stickers, plastic bag, gloves, diploma and workbook. (This kit is good for ages 4 & older, the company says.)

All kits cost $49 and are available on the company’s website.

Do you have a budding doctor at home? Would he or she like one of these kits? Tell us in the comments below.