What happens when the mavens of a super successful pool float company and an ice cream business come together? The world’s sweetest collab!

Minnidip and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams have paired up to create the perfect duo to finish out the summer in epic summer style. The Minnidip x Jeni’s line is crafted around a custom, hand-drawn swirl pattern that will have you dreaming of creamy ice cream all day long.

Emily Vaca of Minnidip worked with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on the ice cream-inspired design that brings the textures and color of some of the most popular flavors to life. Not only does the collection boast plenty of fun floats, but it also includes a backyard Ice Cream Pint Toss game and a miniature inflatable ice cream truck pint float.

You can shop products that include the Minnidip x Jeni’s Pool Party in a Box (with options for those both with and without a pool) for $99 and includes a Luxe Inflatable Pool, Minnidip x Jeni’s Ice Cream Pint Toss Game, Ice Cream Scoop Ball and a Minnidip x Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck Cooler. If you opt for the set for those with a pool, you’ll get the Minnidip x Jeni’s Ice Cream Float in lieu of the inflatable pool.

Don’t need them all? You can order each product ala carte too! Prices range from $18 to $45 and will only be around for the summer.

Head to minnidip.com to get your ice cream fix.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Minnidip



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