Ode to the Mom About to Have Her Second Baby

So mama, you made it through your first pregnancy, birth and the beginning months or years of motherhood, when a tune you just cannot resist is on constant repeat in your mind. Sing it Ace of Base, “all that she…

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All I Want For Christmas…

Here we are again…the month of December in all its glory. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re wondering how the hell did it get here so fast?  You’re running around, cooking, dropping in at parties, doing your best…

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10 Awesome Perks of Pregnancy

Published on Spoke Contributor Network, read this essay from one mom who detailed the perks she experienced while pregnant. What would you add to this list?

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15 Unfair Comparisons Between Pregnancy #1 and #2

Photo: Mama du Jour
I really am not a complainer. I try to be positive and optimistic about everything that comes my way in life. My experiences with being pregnant twice have been really good overall, but the crazy pregnant…

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There’s the Rub: 5 Amazing Atlanta Prenatal Massages

Being pregnant is labor of love, so go get yourself a good old-fashioned rub down at one of the following hot spots around town.

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Birth Announcement Videos That Deserve Oscars

And the award for Most Exciting Birth Announcement Video goes to … these nine families.

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