Empathy Activities to Foster Kind and Not-So-Bored Kids

“Empathy activities are also ones that can take up a good portion of our day and therefore banish the boredom!”

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Just Opened: ECNS, Etc. Offers Classes for Little & Big Kids

A trusted neighborhood school is now engaging bodies and minds with extracurricular offerings for all!

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How I Found Work-Life Balance by Starting a Company

Over two years ago I gave birth to my daughter and like every new parent, I wanted to give her everything. I wanted to find the best pediatrician, the highest quality child care, the most enriching things to do with…

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What I’m Learning about Raising Gentle Giants

My kids are big.
They’re big for their age.

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They’re big for their age plus three.
My just-turned-seven-year-old is finishing up grade one. He’s taller than half of the grade three kids. My grade three…

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Wyland’s Whale & Dolphin Adventure: Where Art Meets Whales

Spend Saturday morning on an outing that mixes whale watching, dolphin scouting and seal sightings with an art lesson and ocean cruise.

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