5 Tips for Taking Family Trips Safely amid the Pandemic

In addition to following local and national health guidelines, check out these savvy, COVID-based travel tips before you start your next family vacation.

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New Study Shows Swimming Can Boost Kids’ Learning Performance

And you can apply that to other forms of aerobic exercise!

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What It Means When Your Child Prefers the Other Parent

“The pure acceptance of this is a way to remind your child that you are also available for them and acts as a reminder that they can trust and rely on you.”

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mother daughter hike

There Is No Silver Bullet to Healing from Trauma

“Being a parent is freakin’ hard. We are challenged to be our best selves while raising better versions of who we became.”

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Grow Your Child’s Cognitive Skills through Gardening

“Plant a garden with your child and watch their test scores, behavior, and language skills bloom.”

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Here’s Why American Adults Think Their Moms Are So Cool

This survey explains why some moms are super-cool.

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Now You Can Get an IRL Optimus Prime Robot

This Transformers robot is a high-tech dream.

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8 Waterfalls Worth the Roadtrip

We’re gushing over these hikes with waterfalls. All 8 are an easy drive from DC!

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Why People Born in April Are Outgoing (According to Experts)

Discover the character traits of those born in the fourth month of the year.

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kids cooking kitchen

Cooking with Kids: An Age-by-Age Guide

“If you are worried about safety, the mess, or a shortage of time, take a moment to consider the options: banning children from the kitchen will keep them in unskilled ignorance until young adulthood or beyond.”

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Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Safe on TikTok

The video sharing platform wants you to know about these parental controls.

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remote work

Looking for a Remote Career? These Are the Top Skills You’ll Need

FlexJobs and PAIRIN pinpoints the soft skills you need for success.

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santa video chat

New iPhone App from Enchant Christmas Transforms Users into Santa Claus

It is available now to download for free on the Apple App store.

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Walt Disney World

Disney World Is Bringing Back Its Park Hopper Pass With Some Modifications

The ability to visit another park will be subject to the park’s capacity limitations.

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6 Ways to Encourage Inclusivity in Your Family

“Raising respectful, knowledgeable, and empathetic members of society begins with you, and by encouraging inclusivity at home, you’re doing your part in creating a better world for everyone.”

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Verizon’s Newest GizmoWatch Is a Must for Disney Fans

Keep track of your kiddos in Disney style.

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Why Being the Mother of a Son with Down Syndrome Became a Blessing

“Because of Josh, I learned to love with a vulnerability I never knew existed in me. I learned to focus on ability instead of labeling anything a disability.”

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There’s a Bird That Makes All the Star Wars Sounds & Our Minds Are Blown

This incredible bird sounds like R2-D2, blaster fire, chainsaws, drills and more.

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Dunkin’ To Close 800 Stores In 2020

This includes 450 locations within gas stations.

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Razor Scooters

Limited Edition Pop Culture Razor Scooters Available Exclusively at Target

Razor USA launches its first ever collaboration with AriZona Iced Tea, Sharpie, Sriracha, and Takis Snacks.

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We’re Hiring: Growth Marketing Manager, Special Projects (Remote Position!)

The Tinybeans marketing team is a scrappy group of fast-moving, data-driven and creative thinkers who nurture and grow Tinybeans and Red Tricycle users across all platforms. The Growth Marketing Manager is a contract role that will help to drive top-of-funnel…

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5 Ways You Can Help Kids Build Resilience during Stressful Times

“It is sometimes referred to as one’s ability to ‘bounce back’ but I prefer to think of it more as our ability to survive, and even thrive, during a big change.”

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The Pre-Reading Skill You Never Knew Your Child Needed

“Understanding this skill and intentionally practicing it will equip you with what you need to set your child up for reading success…and some fun!”

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5 Inclusive Resources for Families with Small Children

“It’s never too early or too late to learn about inclusion and to teach your children to accept all individuals, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, or ability.”

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baby pygmy hippo

San Diego Zoo Announces Birth of Endangered Pygmy Hippo

This is the first successful birth of an endangered pygmy hippopotamus at the zoo in more than 30 years.

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Vans Autism Awareness

Vans Releases Sensory Inclusive Designs to Support Autism Awareness

The brand is donating $100,000 to a foundation benefitting children on the spectrum.

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