New Netflix Movie “Fatherhood” Is a Guaranteed Tearjerker

Kevin Hart stars as a newly widowed dad in film premiering Father’s Day weekend.

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special” Is Coming to Disney+

The accompanying holiday soundtrack will be available on Fri., Nov. 20.

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64 BIPOC Heroes Our Kids Should Know By Name

From activists to actresses to incredible feats of heroism and patriotism, here’s a list of more than sixty heroes who have changed the world, forever and for better. 

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“The Wonderful World of Disney” Will Make Movie Night a Little More Magical

Beloved titles currently available on Disney+, will be shown in prime time on ABC.

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Natalie Portman Is the New Thor & We Can’t Wait

Get ready for a woman to wield the Hammer.

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The “Toy Story 4” Ending Is So Emotional It Left Tim Allen Shook

We’re still crying from the ending of Toy Story 3…!

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KidatLACMA-cc-Ricardo Diaz via Flickr

14 Incredible Museums to Put on Your Family Bucket List

No need for a culture war when these artsy destinations will fit the bill for kids of all ages and their parents, too.

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Are Kid’s Birthday Parties Getting Out of Control?

Photo: Love and Knuckles
I am concerned for all of us. I think kid’s birthday parties are getting out of hand and I know you probably agree.

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In 1982 I had a birthday party at…

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Now Playing: A Hollywood Costume Exhibit That Dazzles

If you’ve dreamed of slipping on Dorothy’s slippers or soaring like Superman, this movie lovers costume exhibit is tailor made for you.

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