This Instant Classic Celebrates the Bond Between Kids & Their Stuffed Animals

If you have a kid, you probably have a zooful of stuffed animals living with you. These “stuffies” are more than just cute clutter—they actually serve a fundamental purpose in a child’s life. Their favorite teddy or doll is their…

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What It Means When Your Child Prefers the Other Parent

“The pure acceptance of this is a way to remind your child that you are also available for them and acts as a reminder that they can trust and rely on you.”

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7 Tips for Talking to Kids about LGBTQ

“Even at an early age you can teach the value of empathy and respect for others, as well as open the door for any future conversations regarding their own identity.”

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Grab LEGO’s New Rainbow Set Just in Time for Pride Month

Everyone is Awesome will be available to buy starting June 1!

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Raising a Child with Autism Can Be Lonely but It Doesn’t Have to Be

“The best way for your friends and family to support you as a parent raising a child with autism is to tell them. Tell them about your child. Tell them about your struggles, your child’s struggles, strengths, passions, victories, and all the things.”

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teen with backpack alone

The System Is Failing Our Autistic Adults

“For families like mine, who support a loved one with autism, our daily fight advocating for services, resources and equality lasts for the entirety of our child’s life and likely beyond my own lifetime.”

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To the Mom of a Newly Diagnosed Child as We Approach Autism Awareness Month

“I want you to know I am here for you after all the quotes, the marches, the stories. I am here for you because in the last five years I have realized that overall more good has come out of this than I could ever imagine.”

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When You Are All Alone, Sitting in the Dark

“I’ll sit with you in the dark when the sadness of, ‘Why my kid?’ slowly turns to the anger of, ‘Why not my kid?’ and you realize how important inclusion and acceptance are.

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Before We Knew Autism

“Most days are hard. There are meltdowns, frustrations, isolation, worry, and confusion. Then there are moments of amazing. The moments that keep us going.”

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My Son Is Teaching Me to Love My Flaws

“My son loves a part of me that I find hard to, and that changes the way I see it.”

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New Children’s Book Lets Kids Choose Their Own Skin Color

Kids can choose a skin tone for the main character of this book.

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Will You Cast the Stone That Will Creates the Ripple of Change?

“When are people going to start speaking up when they see someone that is different treated less?”

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COVID kids

How to Help Kids That Are Grieving Life before COVID

“If we allow a child their sadness, it doesn’t make sadness bigger, instead, it actually makes the sadness smaller because the child feels understood and validated. And when negative emotions are dealt with early in a child’s life, they learn enduring skills to help them through life’s future bumps and bruises.”

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Study Shows This Pet Companion Can Reduce Anxiety in Kids with Autism

Adopting a feline companion can have great benefits.

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The Wiggles

Get Your Wiggle on with a New Song Celebrating Diversity

The Wiggles are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

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A Letter to My Son

“Awareness leads to understanding. Understanding leads to acceptance. That is my dream for you and all the other amazing kids out there. Acceptance. And for this world to be a little kinder.”

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Natalie Portman Released a New Children’s Book, Just in Time for the Holidays

We all know the story of the three little pigs… or do we? Just in time for holiday gifting, Academy Award-winning actress and activist Natalie Portman has introduced a new book that retells classic fables with a modern twist.

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Taye Diggs

Baskin-Robbins & Taye Diggs Invite Kids Everywhere on a Creature Creations Journey

Baskin-Robbins launches new DIY Creature Creations Kits and E-book.

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Joanna Gaines’ New Children’s Book Is Available for Pre-Sale

Preorder “The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be” today.

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Get Along

KidNation and Ludacris Share “Get Along” Music Video

Their mission is to provide wholesome and high-quality entertainment for children everywhere.

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GiGis Playhouse

GiGi’s Playhouse Launches the “Step to Accept Challenge”

This virtual run-walk-ride designed to send a message of acceptance across the world.

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Finding Your Place at the Table

“Find the place where the friendships you choose offer unconditional love and will grow, standing the test of time.”

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10 Things We Should All Be Telling Our Sons

Open, honest and frequent communications are the key to battling stereotypes about boyhood.

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Jonathan Van Ness Wrote a Children’s Book about a Nonbinary Guinea Pig & Your Kiddo Needs This

The “Queer Eye” Netflix star helps kids accept themselves with his new book.

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#RTHolidaze Twitter Party Terms & Conditions

#RTHolidaze Twitter Party #Giveaway
Terms and Conditions

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What Happens When You Learn Your Child Has Special Needs

The stages of grief are normal when you learn your child has special needs. Here’s what you’ll need to support yourself and your family as you navigate the world with a child that has a disability.

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My Journey Parenting a Son with Down Syndrome, as Told By My Tattoo

“My son was born with Down syndrome, so I did what any rational person would do: I got a tattoo.”

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How We Grieve Teaches Our Kids about Grief. Here’s What Parents Should Know

How can we as a community and as parents do our best in these situations—and teach our children to do the same?

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How to Turn Your Kid into a Kindness Superhero (Yep, It’s a Thing)

When kids understand the power they have to make both themselves and others feel good, choosing kindness becomes so much more than just another rule to follow.

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Moms Bear the Brunt of “Invisible” Labor, New Study Suggests

It turns out moms have even more to be stressed about.

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Reduce, Reuse, Treecycle! Local Holiday Recycling 411

Wondering what to do with your Frasier Fir after the holidays are over? Here are the dates, times, and tips on giving your Christmas tree the send off it deserves.

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