Disney+ Reveals Emotional New Trailer for “Black Beauty”

The timeless book is being reimagined in a new, modern way.

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64 BIPOC Heroes Our Kids Should Know By Name

From activists to actresses to incredible feats of heroism and patriotism, here’s a list of more than sixty heroes who have changed the world, forever and for better. 

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Once Upon a Snowman

“Once Upon a Snowman” Available to Stream Now on Disney+

The short tells the previously untold origins of Olaf.

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Ride Along with Batman & the Riddler on Waze

Fans can take part in Batman-themed digital activities in honor of Batman Day.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Is Expecting a Baby Boy

She shared the news in an Instagram post showing off her baby bump.

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Marvel's 616

Disney+ Releases Sneak Peek of New Original Docuseries “Marvel’s 616”

Each documentary in the series brings the filmmaker’s vision to life.

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Josh Brolin & Wife Kathryn Expecting Second Child Together

Kathryn revealed the big news on Instagram today.

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Warning: These Classic Movies Include Racist Stereotypes

Our friends at Common Sense Media pulled together a list of classic movies that bolster negative perceptions, justify prejudice, and reinforce unsympathetic views about particular groups that make them absolutely cringe-worthy today.

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Wocka-Wocka! Punny Jokes & One-Liners Just for LA Kids

Did you heard the one about the fish who moved to Hollywood?

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Rainn Wilson Is Hosting a Zoom Meeting––For Your Pets

It’s sure to be a paw-ty you won’t want to miss.

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Kevin Jonas

Celebrities Read Bedtime Stories to Comfort Kids Safe at Home

Hollywood personalities are posting videos of themselves reading books in order to spread some cheer.

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Jimmy Kimmel/Tom Holland

Tom Holland Dresses as Spiderman to Surprise Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids

This was a birthday the Kimmel family isn’t soon to forget! 

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How Famous Is Your Name? Use This Name Tool to Find Out

See which names may lead to fame and success!

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21 Unique Baby Names Just for LA Parents

From Arcadia to Wilton, totally original baby names inspired by Los Angeles.

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Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke Expecting First Child Together

The pair, who married in 2017, are expanding their family!

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Slater & Jessie Return to the Max in Mario Lopez’s New Instagram Video

Lopez gave fans a look into the “Saved by the Bell” reboot.

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Michelle Williams Is Reportedly Engaged & Pregnant, Too

A source close to the couple confirmed the engagement and pregnancy rumors.

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Zelda Williams Got the Best Result When She Tried the New Disney Character IG Filter

Zelda Williams and her dad are so much alike—at least according to this Disney filter.

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