mom and baby

5 Things Every Special Needs Parent Should Hear

“Here are some gems of advice that I have received from others who have walked this path alongside me, before me, and some of my own.”

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How One College Student Is Changing the Lives for Allergy-Sufferers While Traveling

For families that have kids with food allergies, traveling can be stressful—especially on flights. Alexa Jordan is determined to change that.

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Yo-Yo Ma Joins Raffi and Lindsay Munroe on “For All You Do”

The song is a thank you to essential workers during the pandemic.

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Parents, Do These 5 Things Before Returning to Child Care

“As life moves into the next phase of the new normal, here are 5 tings to do before you send your child back to their daycare center.”

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Barbara Bush Podcast

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Launches New Podcast for Kids

This new podcast for families will feature original recordings from the radio program of the same name.

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Salsa for Cinco

Celebrate “Salsa for Cinco” with Mario and Courtney Lopez

This free online salsa dancing event will raise funds for members of the Hispanic community impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ethan LyBrand and family

Fifth Grader with Muscular Dystrophy Spreads Joy Through Jokes

Ethan has a secret to making other people smile.

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Dolly Parton - Bedtime Stories

Dolly Parton Will Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids & Her Beauty Is Beyond Compare

She is launching “Goodnight with Dolly,” a 10-week video series on behalf of her Imagination Library.

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The Chen Family

San Francsico Teen’s Passion for Pi Raises Funds for the March of Dimes

This amazing teen is using her talents to raise money for a cause close to her heart.

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What Your Child Needs to Know before Kindergarten

Supporting your child with self-care, social, and self-advocacy skills will help her to be successful in kindergarten. The rest of them? They can wait.

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Eva Longoria Gets Real about the Struggle of Balancing Work and Motherhood

Finding balance isn’t easy no matter what your career.

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The Skies Just Got Friendlier to Fly for Kids with Food Allergies

This airline now allows pre-boarding in an allergy-friendly way.

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Mom of 5 & Infertility Survivor Gives Woman the Ultimate Gift—So She Can Be a Mom, Too

Knowing how much she wanted to be a mother, this amazing woman wanted to help another.

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Lawmakers Just Proposed a Major Update for Children’s Online Privacy Laws

This new legislation could give parents an “erase button” for internet ads.

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These Celebs Are the Best Secret Santas Ever

These celebs give back in a huge way.

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Barnum’s Animal Crackers Have Finally Been “Freed,” Thanks to PETA

After more than 100 years, Barnum’s Animal Crackers have a brand new look.

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13 Cars With Rear Seat Reminders So You Don’t Forget Your Kid This Summer

These are quickly becoming an important feature among car companies.

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International Women’s Day . . . Chicago Style!

Get the scoop on how and where to celebrate International Women’s Day in Chicago.

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How Embracing All Learning Styles Makes Us Better Parents

“Mom”, says Sam.  “I’m an auditory learner and I learn kinesthetically too”.

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“Sam.  How cool!”, I say.  “Talk about it”.
“Well”, says Sam.  “An auditory learner is someone who when they read information Just. Don’t.…

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You’re Going to Want a Copy of Malala’s First Picture Book

This 20-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner is about to release her first children’s picture book inspired by her own childhood.

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