How Much Exercise Should Your Kids Get? Doctors Offer New Guidelines

From sitting in a classroom all day to screen time after school, kids might not be spending as much time moving as they should.

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New Exercise Guidelines for Pregnant Women You’ll Want to Pay Attention To

Exercise has tremendous benefits during pregnancy. Here’s how much you need.

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Science Basically Confirms Kids Have Endless Amounts of Energy

Oh, and they’ve been awake for at least 10 hours already.

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Parent-Friendly Fitness Trends Worth a Try

Check out the wildly popular workouts that are making their mark, especially for moms and dads who are looking to feel the burn in between nap times and school pick-ups.

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Tour Brooklyn Bridge Park’s New Pier 2 Play Zone & Pier 4 Beach

Be one of the first to see Brooklyn Bridge Park’s new fitness-focused Pier 2 and the Pier 4 beach with our photo tour.

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