10 Women Who Changed NYC Forever

These ladies made history in The Big Apple, and beyond!

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Gear You Don’t Need: 10 Items to Leave Off Your Baby Registry

Photo: Pixabay
When setting up your baby registry, you’ll find plenty of helpful lists of things to buy. But do you really need that pee-pee teepee? (no.) That humidifier? (also no.) Read on for 10 more things not to buy.…

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Brave Care: A New Pediatric Urgent Clinic Designed With Families in Mind

Portland parents: put this amazing new clinic on speed dial for your kids’ urgent care needs.

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This Is the Key to Preventing Pre- & Post-Natal Depression, Task Force Finds

Big changes are coming in how new moms will be treated.

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You Can Have a Career or Be a Good Mom. Why Not Both?

Here’s the truth: millennial women value motherhood.

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