Bring Waldo on Your Summer Adventures with This Fun New Book

Find your favorite bespectacled character and friends in a new travel book!

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Costco’s Shamrock Ravioli Is Back for St. Patrick’s Day

The luck o’ the Irish—it’s bellissimo!

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My Daughter Saved Me in the Most Unexpected Way

“The script in my mind, for most of my life, was that by watching my daughter with my husband, I was going to heal vicariously through them and their love. That’s not reality. And, none of that happened.”

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Southwest Veggie Power Breakfast

Dunkin’ Expands Plant-Based Options with New Breakfast Sandwich

The Southwest Veggie Power Breakfast Sandwich will be available for a limited time.

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Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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Aldi Is Selling Spooky Cheeses for Halloween

There’s even one shaped like a pumpkin.

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10 Things I Want to Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

Dear Younger Me,

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Good news is you’re still going to be alive and well at 47, which should come as a definite surprise considering you think people my age fall into the old category. You…

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How to Keep Kids Safe at the Playground

Playgrounds are an infinite source for fun but to keep your kids safe, look out for these key elements that may cause more harm than good.

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Costco Has Pumpkin & Bat Shaped Raviolis & Dinner Just Got Easier

Your kids will go batty for this fun and easy dish.

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Here’s What Early Physical Activity Can Do for Your Child, According to Science

There are even more reasons for your child to get active, starting today.

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Faith & Begorrah! Aldi Has St. Patrick’s Day Cheese & It’s Green, Too

You’ll be luckier than a leprechaun when you grab these little treasures.

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If You’re a New Mom, We Bet You’re Probably at Least 30 Years Old

Why are younger women waiting to start their families?

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14 Super Simple Mom Hacks to Save Your Skin This Winter

With five minutes or less to spare, here are some of go-to winter skincare tips for moms.

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Here’s How Much Screen Time Little Kids Are Really Getting, But Is It Too Much?

New research shows what too much screen time can do to young kids.

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Here’s Why Girl Gamers Rock—& Why We Need More of Them

Playing video games has a surprising lifelong impact for girls.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Your Flu Shot, According to the CDC

If you’ve been putting off getting your flu shot this year, think again, the CDC urges.

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Parents Want This More than a High-Paying Salary, According to New Study

A big paycheck is nice, but this is much better, according to a survey of parents.

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Um, What Happened to Dora the Explorer? Oh Hello, Growth Spurt

Dora the Explorer might not look like how you remember her in a new live-action movie.

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World’s Most Obvious Study Reveals Having More Kids Ages You Faster

It’s not all bad news—but the math doesn’t lie.

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5 Cheesy Snack Alternatives to Goldfish & Ritz Crackers

Here are our picks for tasty treats to satisfy your cracker cravings.

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