Can You Be Allergic to the Holidays? Actually, Yes

Tis the season for Christmas trees, poinsettias, mistletoe and scented candles. But if your nose looks like Rudolph’s, it’s a little hard to feel jolly.

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Can You Be Allergic to Valentine’s Day? You Totally Could Be

Photo: Inna Lesyk/Pexels
It’s tough to plan a flawless date for that special valentine when allergies and asthma can get in the way. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in…

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The Valentine’s Day Gift That No Kid Wants

Photo: Laura Ockel/Unsplash
Ah, Valentine’s Day: is there any other holiday besides Halloween more closely linked with candy, dessert, flowers and jewelry? Read on for some tips to make this holiday a safe one for those you love the most, both…

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How One College Student Is Changing the Lives for Allergy-Sufferers While Traveling

For families that have kids with food allergies, traveling can be stressful—especially on flights. Alexa Jordan is determined to change that.

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Else Plant Based Nutrition

This Plant-Based Baby Nutrition Alternative Is Available for Pre-Order

This is perfect for your lactose intolerant little ones.

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teen smartphone in bed

New Study Shows Teen Sleep Patterns Have This Surprising Affect on Health

Asthma is strongly linked to a body’s internal clock.

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Quarantining with Teenagers

“I’m constantly implementing positive parenting techniques more now than ever. Here are a few tips that you can also do yourself!”

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The FDA Just Approved a New Peanut Allergy Treatment for Kids

This new drug marks a positive step towards preventing severe symptoms.

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Are You Only Allergic to Male Dogs? There’s a Test for That

Thirty percent of allergy sufferers only have reactions to male dogs.

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American Airlines Will Now Carry Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

American Airlines will make it easier for anyone with allergies to fly the friendly skies.

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This State Is the First to Require Insurance Companies to Cover EpiPens for Kids

Will more states follow in making this life-saving tool accessible to kids?

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This Is Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Yes/ an extra load of laundry could be totally worth it.

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Ask the Allergist: What Is a Food Allergy?

What is a food allergy exactly and how are they diagnosed?

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Could This New Product Help Prevent Food Allergies?

What you need to know about the rising trend of food allergies and how you may be able to prevent them in your kids.

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3 Things Every Parent Should Ask Themselves Weekly (Your Partner Will Thank You)

The sweetest gift two parents can give their children is to have a meaningful, passionate relationship with one another.

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This Experimental Treatment Could Be a Literal Lifesaver for Kids with Peanut Allergies

This new treatment offers real hope for families dealing with food allergies.

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If Your Child Has Asthma, They Were Probably Born During This Month, Study Finds

Being born during this particular season can have an impact on your baby’s health.

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This New Peanut Sensor Could Be a Literal Life-Saver for Kids with Allergies

According to the CDC, 4-6% of kids in America have food allergies—and this tool could help in a big way.

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The FDA Has Approved Generic EpiPens & This Is Huge for Kids with Allergies

This news is a literal life-saver for thousands of children.

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What Parents Need to Know about the Measles Outbreak in 21 States

Don’t panic—but there are some important things parents of young kids and expectant parents need to know.

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3 Things Every Food Allergy Mom Needs You to Know

In the United States, as many as 15 million Americans are walking around with food allergies. If this isn’t an actual epidemic, I don’t know what is. Even with all of those people, it can feel pretty lonely and isolating…

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This Is What It’s Really Like to Have a Kid with Celiac Disease

Just over a year ago, we found out that our son has celiac disease. Celiac has many different symptoms and ways of showing its ugly head.  Our story is different from many others because Parker has silent celiac. His kind…

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Study Shows Parents Are Stressing Over Lunches. Here’s Why

Find lunch packing a stressful task? A recent study found you’re not alone.

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This Mom Just Made Life Easier for Kids with Food Allergies

This new app will change how you shop for food allergies.

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Shark Puppy – Now That I Have A Furry Toddler…

Photo: Kathy Gorohoff
Getting a puppy was not something I ever really thought we would do. But then we met his parents and we couldn’t say no. We always had an excuse: Daddy’s allergic, we like to travel, our yard…

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Could Allergies be the Root of Your Baby’s Eczema?

Photo: Lychele McMillan
As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I often see beautiful photos of my friends’ yummy babies. There’s something about chubby, rosy cheeks that melts even the coolest of people. These photos also remind me that I…

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Picky Allergies

Ok everyone, so my 4 year old, loves eating, like all day! She’s healthy and nowhere near being overweight, her metabolism seems to just burn through calories way fast. Any who, I love to try and have snacks prepared for…

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A Parent’s Guide to Mosquito Bite Allergies

Summer’s here…and so are the promises of long days spent playing in the water or out in the backyard or camping in the woods.  Unfortunately, all of these pursuits can bring you into contact with mosquitos. And while nearly everyone…

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Got a Thumb Sucker or a Nail Biter? It’s Not All Bad!

Photo: various brennemans via Flickr
Battling habits like thumb-sucking and nail-biting is no fun at all, and our pediatricians and dentists make sure we know exactly how bad the habits are.
But according to a study published in the journal…

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Are Food Dyes Really Bad for Kids?

There are so many things to think about when you’re a parent in regards to what you feed your kids.  Avoiding high-fat, high-salt processed foods and encouraging them to eat their fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water can…

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Surviving Food Allergies

Watching my son’s face turn purple and his entire body covered in the hives was traumatizing, to say the least. He was two years old and had grabbed a handful of egg from another kid at the daycare. Don’t get me…

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In A Nut Shell: 6 Delicious Ways To Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

In honor of National Peanut Day on January 24th, we wanted to serve up six spots where you can get an ooey-gooey, peanut-buttery treat in celebration of our official state crop.

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Go Nuts For National Peanut Butter Day

January 24, 2013 is National Peanut Butter Day! (Not to be confused with National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, which is April 2; who knew they were such bitter enemies, can’t even share a measly day?) And, because Red Tricycle…

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