The No-Fail Frosting Recipe You Need Now

Today is National Cake Decorating Day and this frosting recipe is not only easy, it will make your cake look fancy with almost no effort.

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5 Great Recipes That Use Almonds

Almonds don’t just make a great snack, they also are an ideal ingredient in the kitchen.

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Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Cookies

Kristina Moy, Red Tricycle’s Seattle Editor, whips out her Christmas tree cookie cutter each year to make her favorite cookie recipe: cream cheese Christmas Tree cookies with vanilla frosting.

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Almond Joy Ice Cream

Put your ice cream maker to good use with this delicious vegan, gluten- and soy-free almond joy ice cream.

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Halloween Witch Finger Cookies

Halloween is the time of year for satisfying your sweet tooth. It’s also when all the creepy crawlies and spooky spirits come out and play. In this recipe we find the best of both worlds! Witch Finger cookies are gross…

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Halloween Crafts for Kids: Spooky Skeleton Cookies

These gingerbread cookies might sound like something you would make for a winter holiday, but the use of royal icing turns these gingerbread boys, girls, and animals into skeletons Halloween fun! This special holiday recipe comes to us from Every…

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