How to Do the Metro Richmond Zoo with Kids (in Just Two Hours)

With more than 2,000 animals spread across 70 acres of land, answering the call of the wild can feel a bit overwhelming at the Richmond Zoo. Here are five exhibits to get started. 

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Pop Over to the Poppy Festival

Bring camera and kids to this once-a-year beautiful photo-op of a festival in the Antelope Valley.

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A Total Eclipse of LA: See It With Little Stargazers

Stare at the heavens with your little astronauts to see the total eclipse of the moon. With your own bare eyes in the backyard or with telescopes and professionals, find out where to the see (or not see!) the moon.

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Lie Down With Lions at The Roar and Snore Safari

How you can sleep with lions without traveling all the way to Africa.

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