Woman cradling pregnant belly

Study Says Mushrooms May Help Alleviate Pregnancy Hypertension

There may be a new way to help treat preeclampsia.

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The Healthiest Way to Eat Spinach Is Actually Kid-Friendly, Too

Wondering how to get your kids to each spinach? Time to pull out the blender.

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Good News for Parents Everywhere: Coffee May Make You Live Longer

Want to live longer? Go ahead and have that second cup of Joe.

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Light Roast Coffee Is Healthier Than Dark Roast, According to Study

Can’t decide between light or dark roast. Consider the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects before you pour a cup.

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Research Suggests The More Children A Mom Has, The Slower She Ages

Photo: Theresa Martell via Flickr
You might FEEL like you’re running yourself into an early grave, but new research from Simon Fraser University in BC suggests that moms that have multiple children have healthier DNA. The study conducted surveyed 75…

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See Ya Sniffles! 12 Cold-Busting Recipes to Try This Winter

Get an extra hand in fighting colds with 12 great ways to dish up a few super (kid-friendly) foods.

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Buzz Over to the New Honeymee

Chock full of antioxidants and anti-viral benefits, this tasty and not-too-sweet milk ice cream arrives just in time for a back-to-school treat!

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Triple Berry Fruit Popsicles

Take advantage of the summer’s sweet berries to create these kid-friendly paletas (aka popsicles).

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