Let’s Party! 15 Places to Host an Indoor Birthday Party

Get the best of both worlds when you book a birthday party at one of these spots that let kids play while parents sit back.

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Find Sky-High Adventure at These Aerial Challenge Courses

Does your little daredevil have what it takes?

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These Popular Seattle Summer Camps Still Have Spots

Need a last-minute summer plan? These fantastic camps still have spots!

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7 Classes to Get Kids Moving Every Day of the Week

If distance learning plus the rainy season has your kids feeling extra stir crazy, try one of these classes where they can burn off energy and get their endorphins flowing.

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From Board to Virtual: Where Seattle Families Go to Game

If games time is what your family is after, we’ve got hot spots to break out board games, drop quarters on retro arcade games and be transported into virtual realities around Seattle.

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34 Rainy Day Activities for Every Day of the Week

From museums and aquariums to bookstores, art studios and trampoline parks, we’ve put together a list of 34 indoor rainy day activities to keep you and your crew from going loco during the drizzly months.

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Bye-Bye Bedtime: Nighttime Activities to Try Over Mid-Winter Break

Take advantage of mid-winter break with late night adventures you wouldn’t dare try on a school night.

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Work Out at Seattle’s Newest Gym (& 10 Others) with Childcare

These Seattle gyms offer the ultimate motivator—childcare! Melt off those pesky pounds while someone else handles the meltdowns at one of the places on our list.

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11 Boredom-Busting Mid-Winter Break Camps to Book Now

Whether your lil’ scholars are out for three days or the whole week, we’ve rounded up 11 of Seattle’s best mid-winter break camps to keep them from singing the mid-winter break blues.

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9 Reasons to Book a Sitter for Date Night in March

Swap Netflix and chill for painting the town on one of these fabulous date nights.

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Sponge School

Pint-Sized Fun! Our Favorite Classes & Programs for Toddlers

Seattle is chock-full of classes and programs that will keep little ones entertained and develop their growing minds and bodies.

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Four Soccer Programs Your Kids Will Get a Kick Out Of

Whether you have a mini Messi, a budding Beckham or a Wambach wannabe, Seattle’s hot soccer scene is a perfect place for kiddos to get onto the pitch.

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Game On: 7 Awesome Summer Sports Camps

From baseball to football to soccer, your lil’ athlete is guaranteed to have a ball this summer at these awesome sports camps.

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Gimme a Break: 16 Awesome Spring Break Camps

Need a spring break game plan? Sign your kiddo up for one of these 16 boredom busting camps.

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Winter Break Camps To Fend Off Your Kid’s Cabin Fever

Two weeks off of school! Eeek! With winter break in Seattle just around the corner, it’s time to make plans to keep your kids busy for that long stretch off of school to fend off winter break cabin fever. We’ve…

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Back By Popular Demand: 6 More Great Places for a Mom Date

This is for all of you who have ever felt that you could benefit from a few teensy minutes with another mom friend at an undisclosed location, i.e. not in your cluttered home, not at the rainy park, nor at…

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TGIF: Weekend Classes for Kids in Seattle

There’s a reason we all look forward to the weekends – from the minute the alarm on our iPhones go off Monday morning to the minute we lay our heads on the pillow Friday night (hopefully after sending the babysitter…

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Seattle Area Spring Break Camp Roundup

Originally Published 3.02.2010

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Not spending your Spring Break in Hawaii, Palm Springs, or Disneyland? Don’t fret! There’s plenty of fun things to do with kids during spring break. Lots of local kid-friendly businesses from art…

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Where to Play Indoors in Seattle

Yes Seattle, it’s still raining out there, and the playgrounds won’t dry off until, oh, about June. Lucky for us, there’s tons of indoor play spaces for the kids, so staying indoors doesn’t have to mean staying home. With a…

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Redmond & Woodinville – A Little Bit Country

Although some of the biggest high-tech companies are based in the area (including Microsoft in Redmond), there’s a distinctive country flair in both Redmond & Woodinville. Redmond boasts a terrific park with pony classes & a farm where tots can…

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