The Best Free Online Activities for San Diego Kids

Parenting takes a village––and help has arrived! These online experiences from SoCal’s caring community will keep your kids learning, delighted and entertained.

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Fun & Easy Craft Projects from LA’s Best Art Studios & Museums

Discover online art classes, fun to-go art kits, free weekly projects and more!

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Clever Play Ideas That You Haven’t Tried Yet

Are the words “I’m bored” being uttered at home? Read this ASAP.

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Just Opened: Playday NYC

A new art space for kids in Queens is offering up some inventive and inspired fun!

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3 Footprint Art Ideas That Are Easier than Walking

Footprint art isn’t just for babies! Here are 3 fun ideas any crafter will love.

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9 Wow-Worthy Thanksgiving Food Art Ideas

When you serve these cool creations (your littles can even help make them!), everyone will get their fill of festive spirit.

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Halloween Ball Painting

Looking for a toddler friendly art project to add to your Halloween decor? This oversized version of marble painting is a super fun and easy way to create a spooky web-like design.


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Fun & Easy Kids Art Idea: Monoprints

When you have multiple children of varying ages, sometimes it’s hard to find an art
project that everyone will enjoy. If you opt for a simple art technique with an open-ended approach, children can adapt the project to their own…

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Messy Art: Toddler Painting 101

Imagine your young child at home, red baby-safe paint stretching up her arms like elegant gloves. Dots of blue and yellow are splashed across her face. His old toy car zooms back and forth through a rainbow puddle on your…

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