Homeschool Tips for Beginners

“Every day, parents across the world are educating their children, and these skills can be used when teaching their kids at home.”

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Harry Potter New York Flagship Store Will Finally Open This Summer

This Harry Potter store is a Wizard’s paradise.

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Teaching the Butterfly Perspective

“Playing with perspective supports the notion that we are not limited to seeing things from one viewpoint. We can go beyond our limitations of what we see by using the inventiveness of our imagination.”

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What Santa at Macy’s Will Be Like This Year

Nothing can stop the man in the red suit! (But of course, he’s responsible.) P.S. It’s free!

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Thanksgiving ALDI

Score a Thanksgiving Feast for Under $30 at ALDI

The grocery retailer is also helping employees pay it forward this holiday season.

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kids outdoor exercise at home siblings backyard active yoga exercise, virtual camp, gymnastics

5 Reasons to Sign Up for This Virtual Summer Camp Now

Your summer game plan may have changed this year, but no need to scrap the kid’s summer camp plans, too.

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Customized PPE

Nurse Inspires Healthcare Workers with Power Rangers & Teletubbies PPE

He combined his two passions to give back to the community.

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ATARI to Open Brand New Video Game-Themed Hotels

This is a whole new vacation experience unlike any other.

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24 Important Life Lessons I Vow to Teach My Daughter

Photo: Robin L. Reynolds via DearJalen.com
The other day my daughter and I decided to go outside for a puddle walk. I couldn’t help but be in awe of her as she splashed through mud puddles. She was free in the…

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One Family’s Sweet Approach to Handling Halloween Candy

The pomp and circumstance surrounding Halloween is fun—the sugar crash? Not so much. How one family tackles the candy crush at Halloween.

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20 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Kids

When we connect in any relationship, from the core of the heart, positive energy flows between us and a deep bond is created. These 20 tips may help strengthen that bond.

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The First “Mulan” Trailer Has Arrived & It’s Action Packed

This “Mulan” looks a little bit different.

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Here’s Why Homeschooling Actually Makes More Sense in the Digital Age

Two million kids are homeschooled in the United States—and here’s why that number is rising.

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Pixar’s Latest Short Has a Powerful Message & We Are Loving It

This Pixar film weaves a powerful message—and we’re hooked.

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Your Kid Can Read New Kids’ Books from Around the World, Thanks to Amazon

This new imprint wants to encourage kids to learn about different cultural perspectives.

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NYC Allows Babies to Be Assigned “Gender X” on Birth Certificates & This Is Huge

This new law is a major milestone for the transgender and non-binary community.

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The Best Places to Photograph Kids in the San Francisco Bay Area

Photo: Bojana Korach Photography https://www.bojanakorach.com
I don’t know about you, but I consider myself super lucky to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Great people, great food, but most importantly, the Bay Area has some of the…

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Forget the Helicopter: Are You a Snow Plow or Lawn Mower Parent?

We all want our kids to succeed, but sometimes it’s okay to let them fail, too.

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Here’s How Robots—Yes, Robots—Can Help Children with Autism

The future is here—and it’s full of promising implications for kids on the spectrum.

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Chip & Joanna Share Pics of Baby Crew (& What the Name Means to Them)

The newest (and oh-so-adorable) Gaines baby is here!

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For the Love of Play

For more families today, “play” has a different meaning than it has for previous generations.

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How to Practice Kindness All Year Long

Is there one thing children know too much or too little about kindness? I thought, perhaps, reading and doing math are essential skills to have in life. By all means, I do believe those are meaningful educational goals. Then, I…

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This Is the Personality Trait Moms Value Most in Their Kids, According to Study

This trait ranked high above intelligence as the most important.

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Our Family Is Complete. So Why Can’t I Give Up the Bags of Baby Clothes?

There are three bags of clothing in my basement that I have developed a potentially unhealthy and positively ridiculous attachment to. These bags are filled with cozy, teeny tiny sleepers and itty bitty baby dresses. It’s hard to believe that…

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Dear Mom Who Feels Like She is Losing Her Mind

It’s okay.

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I don’t have a magic wand or a perfect solution to make you feel like you DO actually have your stuff together… but I first want to tell you that it’s okay.

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Former NFL Star Shares the Best Advice on Parenting Athletes

This pro athlete is offering some wise words for parents of young athletes.

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Being Forgetful Is a Sign Your Brain Is Working

If you worry you’re always forgetting things — it’s OK!

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New Cookbook Of Asian Recipes Aims to Help Moms Recover From Childbirth

A new cookbook of traditional Asian recipes can help moms recover from childbirth.

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How Gratitude Changed My Stepfamily’s Life

I used to think talking about gratitude was so cheesy!  I’d scroll through my newsfeed seeing articles & quotes about the power of being grateful, and think *barf* what a load of hocus pocus.  Sure I was grateful for my…

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3 Ways to Parent Like a German You’ll Actually Want to Try


Photo: Robert Tardio (Tiger!Tiger!)
The grass is always greener on the other parenting side, or so it seems. From Scandinavians leaving babies to nap in the snow to the French kids eating everything, it seems that every culture has…

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Decided: I Am Not a Pinterest Mom

Photo: Pixabay
I saw a funny Buzzfeed video last week about the different kinds of moms you meet.
Apparently there are five different types: the PTA mom, the hipster mom, the crunchy mom, the parenting expert and the hot mess mom. (Not sure where I fit here…

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8 Farming Families Who Blow Our Minds (& Will Earn Your Big Time Respect)

These families grow the food we eat. Find out how they make it happen.

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