I’m Scared for Our Daughters

“As I raise daughters in today’s world, I am often scared. Scared for their safety and for mine.”

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Looking for a World Full of Justice & Understanding

“As I send my children out into the world, I know my fears will always be there. But these fears will not stop me from getting my son the services he needs. They won’t stop me from believing that this world can change with knowledge and understanding.”

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According to WalletHub These Are 2020’s Safest Cities in America

The personal-finance website determined the safest cities to live in.

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Free Printable for Emergency Phone Numbers

Do you know who to call in an emergency? Save precious time and print out this template to hang in your home—your life could depend on it.

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How Parents Can Empower Their Kids in the Era of #MeToo

Here’s what parents should tell sons and daughters alike when it comes to the #MeToo movement and their personal safety.

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Kristen Bell’s Latest IG Photo You Can Totally Relate To

Check out what happened when the actress’s daughters got a hold of a few “Frozen” ornaments.

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Do You Think of Your Kids Before Getting into a Fight?

Every married couple gets into a fight sometime or the other. In fact, all married couples have had at least an argument at some point of time. So, is it worth worrying about? Experts believe that fighting itself is not…

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There Is Still Beauty Here In America

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Red Tricycle.

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This blog is not about politics, but it is about motherhood. So…

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No, Not Yet Mommy: Why I am Not Teaching My Children About Racism

Photo: Jason Ferguson
When I ask my two year old daughter to complete a task that she is not willing to do, she responds politely, “No, not yet mommy.” Unless it is something that requires immediate attention, I do not…

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All Aboard Straphangers

To some, the subway is a rumbling, cramped, assault on the senses (excuse me break-dancer, kindly roundhouse kick in someone else’s face) to get you from point A to B. But, to train transfixed wee ones, a public transportation is…

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