Learning the Difference between Expectations & Reality

“I’ve learned that some friends will disappear, that family will be your best support system, and that you will have good days, and you will have very difficult days—many more than you want.”

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This New Reading Assessment Tool Is a Game-Changer

It can be used as an early intervention tool.

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The One Thing I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me about Breastfeeding

“If you’re currently struggling with low supply, just know that it’s not always just a supply and demand problem.”

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Give Virtual Education a Boost with These Online Tutors

If Google Classroom has your child missing one-on-one instruction, check out these online tutors.

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Junior Fire Marshal Training Academy

Become a Junior Fire Marshal with This Online Training Academy

Each lesson comes with an interactive Q&A activity.

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15 Things You Know as a Mom of Little Boys

“Moms of little boys know the adventure of raising them is often one with distinct markings. Along the path of wanting to raise gentlemen, I’ve had to be an observer of a world that’s very different from my own.”

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Here’s How Owlet’s Dream Lab Can Help Your Baby to Sleep

Technology can now help your kiddo get a good night’s rest.

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The FDA Is Making These Important Changes to Its Mammogram Guidelines

This breast cancer factor you’ve probably never heard of is getting some much needed attention.

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This Viral Teacher’s Letter about Standardized Testing Will Move You

Classroom lessons go beyond what’s in the books, as this viral letter shows.

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Autism Markers Aren’t Always Linked to Developing Autism, New Study Finds

New research looks at how to identify autism in babies.

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Here’s Why Some of Your Kids’ Favorite Treats Will Taste Very Different Very Soon

A big change is coming to some of your favorite and most familiar treats.

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Are Girls Better at Reading & Writing Than Boys? New Study Raises Questions

This study raises more questions about why this gender gap exists. More importantly—what can be done about it?

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One-Third of Women Think They’re Better at Parenting than Their Partner—But Are They?

Are moms better at parenting than dads? Science offers some insight.

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How to Choose New Books for Your Budding Bookworm

Stepping into the children’s book section to choose a new title can be overwhelming, but research shows that creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books can nearly triple interest in reading within months (source: Louis Harris, An Assessment of…

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Is the “Fourth Trimester” Real? New Guidelines May Change the Postpartum Period

New guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists seek to offer better postpartum care and support to new moms.

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All Those Extra Cups of Coffee Could Help You Live Longer, Study Shows

Here’s another reason to have that second cup of java in the morning.

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Walmart Offers “Rockin” Black Friday Deals, That Start Now!

You gotta check out Walmart’s pre-holiday sale offers.

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Mini Medical Kits Have a Special Twist That Helps Kids Play Doctor With Authority

These medically-accurate doctor kits will take your kid’s aspirations to a whole new level.

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To Raise Brave Girls, You Must Encourage This Single Trait

photo: Woodley Wonder Works via Flickr
Bravery is often a trait valued in boys more than girls, but it’s a quality that all kids — regardless of gender — need to succeed as adults. To help girls overcome the stigma…

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3 Ways to Parent Like a German You’ll Actually Want to Try


Photo: Robert Tardio (Tiger!Tiger!)
The grass is always greener on the other parenting side, or so it seems. From Scandinavians leaving babies to nap in the snow to the French kids eating everything, it seems that every culture has…

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20 Kid Questions About the Kardashians

Photo: Love and Knuckles
This weekend instead of playing Legos or baking cookies I asked my 7-year-old daughter and nearly 5-year-old son to watch an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on mute. It was my way of connecting…

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10 Easy Ways to Create a Reader-Friendly Home for Your Child

Photo: Morgan @thefairchilds7
Creating nooks for tablets, books and kids cozying up to reading
Look around your home. Go ahead – take a stroll through each room and ask yourself as you wander around, “Does my home invite my child…

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From Icebergs to Foam Blocks: The National Building Museum with Kids

Photo: Shannon Brescher Shea
When my husband and I house-sat for a rather eccentric couple several years ago, we routinely got newsletters for the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. “Who would go to the National Building Museum?” I’d say. “That sounds…

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Red Tricycle Community Giveaways, Week of July 12, 2016

At Red Tricycle, our mission is to help every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. We share the best of the parenting world with our awesome community on Facebook, and…

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Inside the Totally Awesome reSPACEd with MaryJo Monroe

MaryJo Monroe is the answer to your organization prayers. She’s the founder of reSPACEd, a nationally recognized home & business Portland organizer, known for its innovative yet affordable solutions and compassionate approach. Besides being a pro when it comes to…

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Just Opened: Foss Swim School

All children are born swimmers (or so Nirvana album covers would have us believe). They just need the right teachers. Find them at Foss Swim School, opening in Lakeview this week. We have the first peek.

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Red Tricycle Gets Fit!

The team here at Red Tricycle is putting our money where our mouth is.  We’re getting in on Blue Shield of California’s We Shield Moms program in an effort to inspire our readers that we too, are up for the…

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