Exciting Things to Do in San Diego at Night with Kids

Howl at the moon over these fun-filled activities for kids that take place after nightfall.

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Krispy Kreme Has a Limited Edition Mars Doughnut & It’s Out of This World

Krispy Kreme releases its Mars Doughnut in celebration of the rover landing.

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter LEGO

New LEGO Harry Potter Wizarding World Sets Unveiled

The sets will be available to preorder on Apr. 30.

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J.K. Rowling Just Announced New Harry Potter Books Just in Time for Summer Reading

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”—Luna Lovegood

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The Last Supermoon of the Year Is Tonight & Here’s How to Watch It

Your pint-sized stargazers will go over the moon to check out this supermoon.

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Explore the Cosmos at the Griffith Observatory

Get a close-up view of the moon and stars at LA’s most out-of-this-word spot, the Griffith Observatory.

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Don’t Miss the Brightest Comet of the Year with Your Kids This Weekend

This incredible sight is worth staying up past bedtime.

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Take the Kids Outside, Look Up & Check Out Mars Tonight because Wow

Who doesn’t love an impromptu Martian viewing party?

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This Outdoor Planetarium Will Change the Way You See the Stars

AR technology helps Mother Nature spring to life in a whole new way at this one-of-a-kind planetarium.

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The Super Blue Moon Is This Week & Here’s How to See It

Get ready for a celestial rarity that hasn’t been seen in more than 150 years!

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7 Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids

When it comes time to start holiday shopping, parents grab their child’s wish list and head for the store. This year could be a great time to start thinking about giving your children educational toys. The market for children’s toys…

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Catch the Eclipse at These Great Spots!

Don’t miss the eclipse. Grab the kids and head to one of these perfect viewing spots in and around town.

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How You Can Win Two Seats On Alaska Airlines’ Solar Eclipse Flight

If you want the chance to view this spectacular sight from the air, bookmark this!

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The Best Nights to Spot Planets With Your Stargazers This Summer (and How to Find Them)

With a little planning and some app assistance, you can scan the skies like an expert stargazer this summer.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: The Best Spots for Stargazing

Get prepped for this summer’s total eclipse: let the kids take a peek through a high powered telescope and learn about the night sky from local experts.

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See Stars (and More!) at Free Columbia U. Astronomy Nights

Learn and look up at this stellar program for gazers big and small!

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Meet the Stars: 8 Places for Kids to Stare Into Outer Space

No longer reserved for school field trips, a visit to these dome shaped destinations transports your little Galileo straight to the Milky Way.

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A Total Eclipse of LA: See It With Little Stargazers

Stare at the heavens with your little astronauts to see the total eclipse of the moon. With your own bare eyes in the backyard or with telescopes and professionals, find out where to the see (or not see!) the moon.

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Best Kid-Friendly Museums in the South Bay

Whatever it is your kiddos loves—football, fashion, computers or mummies—there is a museum here that will fit the bill.

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Bay Area Stargazing Parties

Watch Them Get Starry-Eyed

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When we drive up into the hills to sightsee, it’s usually to look down and appreciate the view below us. There’s another direction to gaze,…

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