I Was Surprised to Learn Amanda Gorman and I Have This in Common

“Love who you are and be who you are, at all costs. Once you commit to this kind of philosophy, the sky’s the limit.”

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How to Teach Kids to Write Based on Their Learning Preference

Providing children with multiple ways—kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, or visual—to practice writing letters can help them to be successful and also maintain their engagement in the learning process.

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Square Peg, Round Hole: How to Make Your Learning Style Work for You & Your Family

Here’s how to make your learning style—and your kid’s—work for the whole family.

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Bright, Just Different: How Parents Can Help Kids with Learning Differences

Children with individual learning st‌yles aren’t always able to succeed with traditional learning methods. Here’s how parents can help.

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How Embracing All Learning Styles Makes Us Better Parents

“Mom”, says Sam.  “I’m an auditory learner and I learn kinesthetically too”.

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“Sam.  How cool!”, I say.  “Talk about it”.
“Well”, says Sam.  “An auditory learner is someone who when they read information Just. Don’t.…

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School Ban Fidget Spinners? Here are some Alternatives

Many schools are banning these tools-turned-toys, but there are other fidget devices that can help students.

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Do This Now: Family & Baby Tours at the Portland Art Museum

Immerse everyone in the dynamic and fascinating exhibits at the Portland Art Museum with the Family and Baby Tours.

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Your Voice “Lights Up” Your Kid’s Brain, Study Shows

Photo: cotaro70s via Flickr
A mother’s sweet and loving voice can do more than soothe her child. New research shows that a mom’s voice stimulates more brain activity, causing it the child’s brain “light up.” Cool, right?
The Stanford University…

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Knowledge is Power: What You Need to Know About Getting Into Kindergarten

Here’s what you generally need to know about the application process for private schools, and the registration process for public.

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