From the Mouths of Babes: 13 Books by Child Authors to Read This Year

These young child authors show that age has nothing on them and is truly just a number! Don’t miss our recommendations for self-publishing platforms for your little penman to take the next step with their work.

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Astronaut Mae Jemison Releases 2nd Edition of Her YA Book

The first woman of color in space is sharing her story again.

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Hammerin’ Hank: 23+ Amazing Facts About Hank Aaron

You probably know he was a home-run record holder but did you know that Hank Aaron was awarded the highest medal in the land? Or that he held a Doctorate from Princeton? Read on for even more cool things to learn about this legendary man.

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The Maya Angelou doll

Mattel’s Latest Barbie Honors Poet & Activist Dr. Maya Angelou

The brand pledged to spotlight diverse dolls that honor role models.

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Here’s Why a 27-Year-Old Children’s Book Has Suddenly Gone Viral

Find out why this unwanted book suddenly got so much love.

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barack michelle obama birthday instagram 2018

Here’s Why Michelle Obama Opening Up about Miscarriages & IVF Means So Much

Michelle Obama’s memoir offers readers a deep look into her life, from historic triumphs to very personal losses.

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Kristen Bell’s Latest IG Photo You Can Totally Relate To

Check out what happened when the actress’s daughters got a hold of a few “Frozen” ornaments.

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Richard Adams, Author of ‘Watership Down,’ Passes Away

Richard Adams, the British children’s book author who wrote Watership Down, has died at age 96.  Adams’ daughter told the BBC he passed away on Christmas Eve, just before midnight. No other details were given.
Watership Down (1972), a best-selling…

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