19 Essential Apps for Parents

From sound machines that’ll help you get a few more moments of sleep to tracking apps that’ll help you log everything from feedings to milestones, these are the apps every parent needs.

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Topanga from “Boy Meets World” Is Pregnant with a Boy of Her Own

This “Boy Meets World” star is ready for the world to meet her own boy soon.

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Parenting Tools That Will Change Your Life

From pregnancy apps to parental control apps, a growing crop of new and notable mobile tools have made being a mom or a dad a lot easier

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The Hottest New Baby & Pregnancy Apps

A high-tech pregnancy and an app-enabled babyhood can be at your fingertips. Now, we parent with our smartphones and have Dr. Google at the ready to diagnose that mysterious rash or explain the pregnancy aches. Here are five new baby and pregnancy apps you need to know about, from ones that put brain-boosting music education at your fingertips, to a Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test.

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