10 Embarrassing Questions Every Parent Googles

It’s why you’ll never have to ask your doctor about bodily fluids again.

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Older Moms Make Better Parents, A New Study Finds


photo: Well Baby Center
Whether you choose to postpone motherhood by choice or necessity, there has often been a stigma attached to being an older mom. A new study blows any negative assumptions out of the water, however, with…

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Parents Suffering From “Baby Name Regret” Change Daughter’s Name

Baby name regret. It happens. Click through to read about this mom’s experience.

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This Weeks Memes Moms Will Love

Memes (pronounced “meems” for those who’ve been wondering) have been circulating our social media feeds for a while now. And nothing induces a good laugh than a set of totally relatable pictures and captions about living the “Mom Life.” We…

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Potty Training 101, LA-Style

You’re finally getting a full night’s rest, your toddler can feed herself pretty well, and you have proudly graduated from breastfeeding duties.  You feel that you are getting the routine down finally and all that’s left is to potty train…

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