DIY Beauty Hacks because You Need Self Care Right Now

Let’s be honest—your makeup routine doesn’t exactly involve a lot of anything right now. Here’s how to treat yourself right at home.

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This Little Girl Accidentally Brought K-Y Jelly to School Instead of Lotion

This mom definitely takes the prize for most embarrassing call from the teacher.

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Mom, I Finally Get It Now

“I get it now, and I understand.” I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. 

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Try Our Family’s Recipe for Less Messy, Extra Fluffy Slime!

Looking for a less messy, yet extra fluffy slime in your life? I have just the recipe for you!

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8 DIY Beauty Tricks for New (& Tired) Moms

With just a few simple beauty routine tweaks, people will never know you only got two-and-a-half hours of sleep. Here’s how to get your pretty back, stat.

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The Pool of Dreams Beckons

Sometimes at this point in summer we can feel a little…uninspired. We’ve hit our fave playgrounds, concerts, beaches and fountains. We’ve ridden our bikes a-plenty, boogied in farm fields and city blocks, vacationed, camped and eaten our weight in s’mores.…

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