Our Editors’ Top Picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Take advantage of the savings and finally treat yourself to a luxurious, celeb-approved blanket, scented candles that will transport you somewhere exotic and moto boots that will make any outfit.

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Chill Out: The Coziest Loungewear for New Moms & Pregnant Moms-to-Be

Maximum comfort and cute enough you can go to Target in them.

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Random Holidays Worth Celebrating for Every Month of the Year

“In a time where social distancing brings traditional celebrations to a screeching halt, what can we do? How do we build excitement into our mundane COVID-19 routines when there’s not much excitement to be had? Well, we can find new (and sometimes silly) reasons to celebrate.”

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Our Favorite Clever Photo Ideas for Monthly Pregnancy Pics

Document your pregnancy with these clever ideas for monthly (or trimester) pregnancy photos.

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Bedtime Hack: Take a Neighborhood Pajama Walk

“Take your kids on a short walk at night in their pajamas and you’ll create a safe space for dialogue, building memories around the place you call home, and deepening their sense of place in the city where you live.”

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Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Launches Interactive Songwriting Programs

They will bring their weekly Songwriter Sessions and its flagship education program, Words & Music, to Instagram Live.

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Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books Releases New Activities and Resources for Kids

These kits will inspire your kids to create, explore and learn.

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The Truth about Mom Brain

“There is just so much to remember that your brain is in a constant state of thinking about random things, like if you put your toddler’s sippy cup back in the fridge before you went to work or if you will find it in a month in the bottom of the toy chest.”

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Now You Can Match Your Mini-Me with New Limited-Edition Little Birdies

Pint-sized slippers that match mom are just what festive feet need this holiday season.

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I’m Not Sorry for Scaring You with My Parenting Style

I’m not sorry that I want my kids to know what the rain feels like on their skin, or how the mud squishes between their toes. So, I let my kids do a few things that seem to frighten other parents.

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I Resolve to Stop Rushing My Kids

We were late. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It is what it is. Next time we’ll do it differently.”

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10 New-Mom Outfit Essentials to Add to Your Wardrobe

Find your fashion groove with these 10 new-mom clothing and accessory staples you’ll want in your wardrobe.

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Now Open: Museum of Failure

A poignant exhibit of reality, the Museum of Failure celebrates all the wonderful products that failed to succeed.

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Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Cooking Show Channels Ina Garten in All the Best Ways

Jennifer Garner put her own spin on this Ina Garten recipe.

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15 Reasons to Love Being a Mom in Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for being a mom! Here are 15 reasons why we love being a mom in wintertime.

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Baby on Board! 20+ Best Places to Babywear in San Diego

Grab your baby wrap or carrier and your tiny sidekick and make your way to our fave places to babywear all over the city.

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How My Household Is Learning the Meaning of This One Simple Word

Is it really too much to ask that my kids learn that no means no?

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What I Learned from an Expert about How Free Play Helps Kids to Thrive

Photo: Madlivn’ Design and Photography
Angela Hanscom was practicing occupational therapy with children when she had an “Ah-ha” moment.  Almost all of the activities she was prescribing to treat children with sensory, attention, or balance issues were things that children…

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Kids Should Spend at Least Three Hours Outside Every Day, According to Experts

Why kids need to get outdoors for three hours a day and how to do it.

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Postpartum Bridesmaid

Photo: Rebecca Thompson
“Will you be one of my bridesmaids?” my future sister-in-law asked as she presented me with a Tiffany blue luggage tag with the question inscribed inside.
“Of course!!” I replied giving her a huge hug.

blogherads.adq.push(function() {…

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6 Mom Tasks That are Worse Than Changing Dirty Diapers

When you first think about having kids, there are certain things that probably scare you. You probably fear the usual things like the lack of sleep, changing poopy diapers, projectile vomit, or just the fear of being responsible for another…

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I’m #TooStressed to Feel #SoBlessed

Let’s face it, some days are just easy and others are plain stressful. Unfortunately, I seem to be on a continued streak of those stressful days lately. So stressful that I’m having a hard time feeling that #soblessed vibe that…

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15 Signs You’re in Your Third Trimester

Have a laugh about your new waddle and mismatched shoes.

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Want Your Kids to do Better in the Classroom? Take Off Their Shoes

Photo: InnocentEyez via Flickr
Let’s admit it; #TheStruggleIsReal when it comes to getting the kids ready for school. Now you can consider saving yourself five minutes, and skip the shoes. Research by Bournemouth University showed that shoeless children were more…

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Today Is National Go Barefoot Day



Today Is National Go Barefoot Day

This little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home.


Shoes, shmoos. Kick ‘em off and
play one of these games perfect for bare feet.


Create a memory of…

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Tips to Encourage Independent Walking!

As a Pediatric Physical Therapist, one of the most common requests I receive from families is how to encourage walking for those 12 months and up! Once that year birthday mark passes it seems our “new parent” anxiety reaches its…

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3 Footprint Art Ideas That Are Easier than Walking

Footprint art isn’t just for babies! Here are 3 fun ideas any crafter will love.

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5-Year-Old Son Takes Candid Photo of Mom in A Raw Moment; All Parents Are Relating To It

Kelli Bannister of Barefoot Mum recently shared a photo on Facebook of herself with her sick baby. One impressive fact? The beautiful picture was taken by her five-year old son. With an iPhone.
But her son/photographer isn’t the only reason…

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Fun Games & Activities That Won’t Give You Cold Feet

For National Go Barefoot Day we want you to (no surprise here) go barefoot. Here are four activities and games you can play without shoes.

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Families So Cool, We Followed Them Twice on Instagram

Follow these Instagram parents to see the best of both worlds from different perspectives.

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Fail-Proof Secrets to Capturing Baby’s First Steps

Up your chances of catching that heartwarming wobbly first walk with these brilliant tips.

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Inside the Totally Awesome Barefoot Books with Nancy Traversy

Three cheers for Barefoot Books Studio, your Totally Awesome pick for best Boston-area bookstore! This community hub and out-of-this-world learning resource is a clear favorite among parents and kids alike. Founded by two moms who wanted to make a difference…

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You’re Invited! Free Events Throughout November

We’re on a mission to celebrate moms.  That’s why Red Tricycle and Blue Shield of California are teaming up to offer you Playdates—a series of free events throughout November.  Join us for kid-friendly and health conscious activities like cooking classes,…

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