Walk on Sunshine at an Overlooked Outdoor Gem

Spring is finally here and with it comes the delicious opportunity to get outside. Hooray for that! The season of green can never come too soon and now that we are enjoying every dry, sunny and warm-ish day why not…

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Bay Area Kids Dig, Dine, and Dance at Pie Ranch

Down in Pescadero along the windy coastal Highway 1, a small organic farm is spicing up how people are connected with their food by organizing monthly work days before a family-friendly old-fashioned barn dance. The tradition started the year after…

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A Slice of Life at Pie Ranch

Weeding, Eating, and Dancing Down on the Farm
Who doesn’t love pie? If you do, chances are you’ll also love eating, dancing—even rolling up your sleeves and working—at Pie Ranch. Located in Pescadero, just south of Half Moon Bay, Pie…

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Explore: Petaluma with Kids

Heading up to Petaluma (the former Egg Capital of the World) for the Butter and Eggs Festival or to pick up a Christmas tree has long been the closest to a farm that many city slicker kids get. And you…

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